Hez Ambalaj A.Ş. 

HEZ Ambalaj Inc. is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality products for packing, packaging and wrapping solutions serving worldwide.
Our DREW branded clear, colored or custom printed packing tapes and stretch films are the results of our experiences and dedication to add a value to our customers' businesses all over the world.

First quality raw materials obtained from our domestic and foreign suppliers are produced and shipped in the desired size and quantity according to your order.

Our main products in our product range are;

  • Manual Pallet Stretch Film
  • Super Power Stretch Film
  • Food Stretches
  • Hot-melt Packing Tape
  • Acrylic Packing Tape
  • Colored Packing Tape
  • Printed Packing Tape
  • Silicone Double Sided Tape
  • Foam Double Sided Tape
  • Filmix Double Sided Tape