Stretch Film

drew-palet-streç-film-koliWholesale Stretch Film

  • Manual Pallet Stretch Film
  • Super Power Stretch Film
  • Food Stretch Film

Manuel Palet Stretch Film
Thickness: 17 micron or 23 micron
Width: 50cm
Length: 200-300 meters (your desired length)
Box: 6 pcs

Super Power Stretch Film
Thickness: 17 micron or 23 micron
Width: 50cm
Length: 1.500 meters
Feature: Stretchable up to 300%. Features can be changed according to the order.


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Stretch Film is an ideal solution for protecting palletized products during transport or storage.

DREW Pallet Stretch Film Features:

  • Excellent Stickiness
  • High Transparency
  • High Tear Strength
  • Recycleable

DREW Manual Pallet Stretch Film can be easily applied to the products placed on the pallet by hand or by dispenser.